5 Days Of Instagram Stories


So by now you have heard of Instagram Stories, right?

(If not, check out this previous blog that gives you the deets!)

I’m sure you also know by now that millions of people are watching Instagram Stories DAILY and now more people prefer stories to actual newsfeed posts!

So, I’m sure you want to show up and participate in your stories but either

  1. You are too scared of what people think


  2. You have no idea what to say

Well I am here to help with BOTH!

Media Marketing Pros are here to give you our  3 tips to save you time  and make sure your social media posts are effective!

First, let me cover A really quick..

YES, it ‘s scary. No doubt. But honestly you are not alone, most people feel scared and have anxiety about it.


What if you showing up in your stories is what is keeping you from your dream clients? Or hitting that financial goal? Or growing your tribe? OR creating that impact you desire?

Get really clear on your “WHY” here. Why are you doing this? What outcome do you want? Make your WHY bigger than your fears.


You are good enough, you always have been. If you don’t think anyone will watch, TAG ME, I will watch and I will engage. I care and I know others will to.

A famous quote that i try to always revert to when i’m feeling lost in fear:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” By Susan Jeffers

Now that we have that settled let's talk Stories

A couple things before we get into the juicy stuff. When you can, add your location and hashtags because this increases engagement HUGELY! Also, add captions to your stories where you are speaking a lot because not everyone can use the volume feature.

OK, now that’s out of the way here are 5 Days of story ideas for you:


Today will be all about Introducing yourself and what you do. People simply cannot get to know you fully in a caption so show up and tell them a little about you.  I will break it down in 3 steps.

  1. Start by telling them your name, where you’re from and what you do. This is also where your mission statement comes in handy. ( Don’t have one, head here to download our free brand workbook where you can work your branding now)

So a quick example : Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a awesome day. I wanted to jump on and introduce myself quickly! My name is Sarah and I  am a fitness coach. Basically  I help (WHO) go from (PROBLEM) to (SOLUTION) by (WHAT/HOW).

Here is an example of a mission statement:

“I help tired moms go from overweight and exhausted to feeling energized and looking their best by using my 30 day Feel Good Program.”

2. Then Tell them some FUN Facts about you! What do LOVE? What do you LOVE to do in your free time? What/who are you obsessed with?

3. Tell them what you love most about your business and then at the end tell them to ask any questions about you or your biz. Make sure to add the Questions box for them to ask!


Tutorial Time. Step by Step instructions are hard to do in a caption so use your stories to utilize the hands free option and give your audience some value by showing them the how-to’s of something.

Here are some examples of things you could show them:

  • Recipes

  • Correct form for a work out

  • Stretches they can do at home

  • Meditation techniques

  • Hair Styles

  • Organization tips

  • New Makeup trend

  • How to use Apps on your phone that you love

The list here is endless, it doesn’t always have to be related to your business either as long as it's related to you!


Show your work Wednesday. People need to know what exactly you can do for them and how it’s worked for other people so, show them what you do. This could mean before and afters, testimonials or a showcasing something you have created. This is a sales story- use it! Give them a call-to-action, tell them how many clients you are taking on or where they can apply for services. It is important that you encourage them to reach out, let them know you WANT to hear from them!


Time to show some Behind-The-Scenes OR Sneak Peeks. Are you working on something new? Got a new product, new program, new blog.. GREAT! Time to give a teaser.

Example: “Hey friends! I have been working on something SOOOOO awesome and although it’s not ready just yet… I’m gonna give you a sneak peak!”

You could show something partially and then ask them to guess what they think it is with the question box feature. This builds engagement.

Or you could show a partial design and ask your audience what they think. Maybe you are toying with 2 different ideas and you want to let them in on it and then ask them their thoughts, great time to add the Poll feature here! Also, this is getting feedback on what they want!


SHOUT OUT YOUR FRIENDS! This may sound counterproductive but it's really not at all.

Say it with me:

“There is enough work, money and clients for everyone and cheering on other people will not take away from my success.”

For example, If you are a fitness coach and you follow a nutritionist that you love, share her content to your stories and give them a shout out. It will help your followers AND them.

You could say something like, “Hey friends! Happy Friday! I wanted to jump on here and share with you a couple people who inspire me! I think you would probably love their stuff too!” Maybe even briefly explain why you  love them!

Remember to share things that you truly love and you think would  be valuable for your followers.

So there you have it! My 5 days of Instagram Stories! I would love to see your stories! Tag Us @Media_Marketing_Pros in them so we can see and show you some love!

If you have any questions or want more one-on-one coaching then head here and fill out this questionnaire and we will be in touch!


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