I remember my first live video like it was yesterday.

Ughhh…. The sheer fear and panic I felt was almost unbearable.

AND then to add to my fear, the comments/advice I got afterwards from friends/family made me want to NEVER go live again.

So I stayed away from lives for a while, hoping I could make it without them.

Well, I was wrong.

Let me tell you why i was so wrong…People are craving human connection.

With all the other brands and businesses out there how YOU are going to stand out is by being YOU and letting people see the REAL you.

And honestly, every live video my clients have done I have seen a MASSIVE increase in engagement.

So I knew that I couldn’t just talk the talk I had to walk the walk and let me tell you, it was THE BEST decision I made for myself and the biz.

I started showing up in my Instagram stories, a lot. Then eventually I did IGTV and now I am doing Live videos! The DM’s are coming in like never before, I’m getting so many more messages on our website and so much more engagement!

I can honestly say that it was worth the fear and anxiety I felt! So here I am now, writing this blog sharing with you so that you too can get past your fears and truly connect with your audience to grow your biz and increase your impact!

I’m going to give you all my tips, tricks and ideas for you and your first LIVE VIDEO so you can get it done confidently, with peace of mind because you’ll be as organized as possible so keep reading for all the deets!

Media Marketing Pros are here to give you our  3 tips to save you time  and make sure your social media posts are effective!

Whether you love them or hate them, YOU CANNOT DENY that they’re more popular than ever.  And for a good reason!

Facebook and Instagram both place importance on live video and favor it with greater reach.

Lets geek out on some facts:

  • Live video receives 6x the engagement as non-live video and certainly far higher than most non-video posts.

  • A person who has watched a video about a product or services is 144% MORE likely to purchase that product or service!


how can you NOT take advantage of something that makes your audience 144% more likely to purchase?

Here are a few more key reasons Live video is the best way to grow your audience and engagement:

  • It’s FREE! When was the last time someone handed you a powerful advertising tool for your business and said oh, by the way, it’s free!

  • It saves you time. There’s no going back with a live video! No time for do-overs or editing, what you see is what you get.

  • It builds your know-like-trust factor. That live element and real time interaction makes you relatable! If you’ve followed us for long you know how much we value building the know-like-trust factor.

Here is a list of 3 of our best Tips to help YOU Rock at LIVE VIDEO:

1. Have a game plan: This means being prepared. Why are you going live? Who are you hoping to reach? What do you want the audience to do? Download our FREE Live Video Planner that can help you answer all these questions and get your prepared for an AMAZING Live video!

2. Give them VALUE. This one speaks for itself but how you position yourself as an authority figure is by giving value. This means letting them know what you know. and how you can help. It also makes it worth while for them to actually watch your lives because your dropping knowledge that will blow their minds!

3. ENGAGE with your audience!  Say hello! Ask questions! Answer questions!

PRO TIP :We have talked about algorithms before but comments are GOLD and much higher ranked than Likes so ASK questions, ASK for their opinions... give them a Call-To-Action. Here's some examples:

  • “Let us know if you agree with what were saying”

  • "Comment below what your favorite tip has been so far.."

  • "Comment below where you want our next event to be at"

  • "Comment below if you have a topic you'd like for us to cover!"

If you are stuck on ideas for Live VIDEO don’t worry we have some ideas for you:

  • Hold a live Q&A

  • Go Live from an event you are at

  • Live Tutorials- show them the how-to's

  • Behind-The-Scenes (this is one of our favorites) show them a sneak peak!

  • Live interviews with other business owners

  • Go live with a customer/client and share their results from using your program

And because we want you to TRULY succeed we are giving you our very own FREE LIVE VIDEO Planner that will keep you organized, give you peace of mind knowing you have a plan and confidence by following the step by step process so CLICK HERE to download yours now!

Now It's time to go out there and become FB and Instagram FAMOUS! :)

Until next time,


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