WHY Your Social Media Isn't Growing


We know how seriously frustrating it can be when your social media isn't growing.

You feel like you are doing all the things but you are stagnant.

Not to mention the follow/unfollow tactics that plagues some of us.

FYI don’t pay mind to this, it happens. People are trying to grow and maybe that’s the only way they know how or maybe it works for them, who knows? We prefer a different method and that is OK too.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. We are here to give you actionable tips to help you have Organic GROWTH with TONS more engagement.

Media Marketing Pros are here to give you our  3 tips to save you time  and make sure your social media posts are effective!

But first, let’s make sure that you are taking care of all the basics:

  • Posting 4-5 times a week

  • Using 30 specific hashtags on every single post

  • Showing up in your stories everyday

  • You are actively in an engagement group

If you are not doing these then you need to stop right here and start doing them.

These are the fundamentals. This is what works.

BUT... If you have already done all of this and you are still not getting growth, don’t worry, I got chu!

So, we use this quote a lot because it is so TRUE

“What gets measured gets improved.”

Basically, you need to analyze your posts. Take some time to go through your insights and see what post did the best.. WHY? Were the hashtags really successful? Was it the picture? Was it the content you were giving out?

I am assuming that the posts that do the best are the posts with your face in them but let us know if it is different for you!

Now, what we are about to explain  takes work, but it is SOOO worth it!


Yes, all of them.

Go through your follower list and start engaging with all of them.

This means:

  • Writing honest, authentic comments on posts that you like

  • Watching their stories

  • Participating in their Polls and answering Q’s  

  • Sharing their content to your stories ( If you love it, obviously)

  • Sending them DM’s ( not to sell, to let them know you loved something they shared or that you appreciated something they said )

  • Liking their recent posts that you love

We want you to act like you are at a party or network event with new people and we want you to go mingle with them don’t just drop off your business card and leave.

Notice though that we want your commenting and liking to be authentic. Don’t be like a robot with the same comment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not everyone that follows you are going to be people you want to engage with ( No thanks sleezy guy) So avoid them, just go to the people that you do like their stuff.

I’m sure you wished we had a secret pill but truly showing up like this shows Instagram how active you are which will then have it working in your favor. It will make your followers more inclined to comment on your posts and engage with you more too.

Voila! There you have it!

Our organic tips for growing your stagnant social media! Of course there are Ads that you can do that if you know how to do them correctly they will bring amazing results too! But even with ads we highly recommend you follow these tactics too!

If you are in need of content ideas then you can download our free 30 Day Social Media Content Calendar HERE

Until next time,


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